The Zoo Southside
7th-31st August, 12.50

Flhip FlhopPainting an apartment stripped of almost everything but the kitchen sink, an ‘i-click’, and a stamp-sensitive light system, Joey and Matt are not an ordinary pair of decorators. Their performance outstrips those generic hip-hop productions, colouring the genre with refreshing, down-to-earth comedy. Imaginative, quirky choreography stylishly transforms their mundane chores.

Yet unfortunately – like so many decorators – there was a lot of chat, and not quite enough of what you’re paying them for. The bloke-banter stretches out towards the point of tedium, and suspense comes close to being lost. But it is just this camaraderie that allows them to coordinate moves and beats that seem so humanly irreconcilable; setting them apart from any other dance act I have seen. And in a brilliant parody of the ‘deus ex machina’ scene (‘I am you’, ‘What, you are me? You’re not me, you’re just repeating me’, ‘No, you’re repeating yourself’, ‘Huh?!’), their innovations extend impressively to makeshift instruments of hob bongos and singing kettles.

Such a show cannot be anything other than uniformly entertaining. Bring your friends, bring your family, and bring Aunty Mildred. But forget the kitchen sink.

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