Dance Base
6-16th August, 20.30

FoundThere isn’t a huge amount to be said about this production, as there is very little movement on the stage; a feature normally fundamental to a dance show. The venue is dark and incredibly hot, but one can’t help but feel that these are not the only factors in the show that may send you to sleep.

 Whilst the music is at times beautifully crafted, the dance duo have no chemistry and the male performer can hardly be said to dance. Whether I am missing the artistic poignance of the ‘stillness’ of the show I’m not sure, but to the untrained eye this production lacks passion, energy and excitement of any sort.

The woman moves with a delicate elegance across the floor and often her sense of grief and loss are quite apparent, but none of the emotions expressed on stage seem to reach out to the audience. Words are used sparingly and difficult to hear over the music when they are used – so there is no use trying to interpret events that way! Despite the talent that these performers may have, one can’t help leaving this show unsatisfied and, like the dancers, unmoved.

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