altAndrew Bird is flying high! Performing The Unlikely Lad, the Northamptonshire stand-up delivers a delightful and frank hour of the white British male’s struggle to have any reason to be liked.

Looking like your run-of-the-mill English lad, Bird breaks down any stereotype you ever had of the lager drinking, racist, football fans in charming style. The size of the intimate venue was to Bird’s advantage as he fired friendly chitchat at the crowd in his irresistibly relaxed fashion.

His initial declaration that ‘I have nothing to offer…nothing’, was shocking, but fortunately for us ‘nothing’ is very, very funny. His stories of married life with his foreign wife struck a chord with all, and his casual delivery and revisited lines had the audience laughing along with the entire set. Another string to his bow was his silver-tongued replies to the questions put to the audience, daft and harmless though they were.

It’s refreshing to see a comedian who can still rely on his charm and observation to produce quality stand-up without resorting to smut or vulgarity. His unassuming nod of the head as he left the stage is the reason why I hope he gets the attention he merits. This is the most I’ve laughed at the Fringe so far.

Pleasance Dome, 4-29 Aug (not 17), 8.45pm

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