altSouth Africa’s world famous gospel choir descend upon Scotland to perform a combination of traditional African, gospel and reggae songs with all the gusto and magnificence that have made them so famous. Formed from singers from the churches of South Africa’s largest township, their joyful music has led them to some of the world’s greatest stages, and Edinburgh was lucky enough to be one of them this year.

Performing in exuberant multi-coloured costumes the 26-strong choir danced and twisted along with to the music, enjoying it just as much as the audience. It’s hard to describe the reigning quality of their singing, as it ranged from the beautiful restraint of the softest hums to the overpoweringly passionate highest reaches of the octave.

The close group dynamic kept them continually energised, their charisma and good humour rubbing off on the audience, whilst they allowed for each member’s unique and incredible voice to shine individually. I found their traditional songs the most beautiful, particularly when they were accompanied by the dance displays of this multi-talented group. Though be prepared for the most spine-tingling rendition of Amazing Grace that you’re ever likely to hear.

In all, this choir take choral singing to new levels and are a must-see, whatever age or musical taste. 

Assembly @ Assembly Hall, 18-30 Aug, 5.30pm

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