altLooking for some late night free fun? Look no further then The Three Sisters and Battle Acts. These young, enthusiastic performers provide an hour of entertainment with their own version of an improvised game-based comedy, made famous by shows like Who’s Line is it Anyway?.

This show follows the simple format of two teams competing for the audience’s laughs, and although this was fun, it would have been nice to see a more original way of creating improvised comedy. The performers, some of whom are also involved in other shows in the Fringe, work well as an ensemble and are led by an energetic and equally entertaining host.

With so many improvised comedy shows at the fringe it is sometimes hard to pick out a real winner, however Battle Acts seems to be hitting all the right notes. Every night the show is different, but the one constant is the free laughs!

Laughing Horse @ The Three Sisters, 6-29 Aug, 00.30

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