altIf this show really represents the life and spirit of Brazil, I’d like to purchase a one-way ticket to Rio de Janeiro right now. This incredibly sexy, passionate piece captivates the audience with the kind of rhythm and movement apparently inherent in Brazilians and unheard of in the British.

A feast for the eyes, the athletic prowess of these young men and women is astonishing. They reach such heights and flip with such dexterity that it’s hard to believe there’s no trampoline beneath them! Paying homage to their hero, the football legend Pelé, the tricks that the shows Arthur Mansilla (the National Freestyle Street Football Champion) is able to perform are exceptional, and the country’s passion for the sport is made abundantly clear.

The displays of the Afro-Brazilian art form capoeira (a mix of martial arts, dance and music) are breathtaking, while the beat of the music makes the audience want to get up and dance too. The show is particularly inspiring when approached with the knowledge that many of these energetic, talented, cheerful individuals escaped a life of deprivation in Brazil’s notorious favelas through their dedicated practice of capoeira, and a resolute optimism that permeates the show.

The heart of Brazil beats at the core of this spectacular ensemble, and the playful expressions of the country’s rich culture through samba, acrobatics, song and dance, are more than enough to entertain and uplift any audience.

Udderbelly’s Pasture, 5-30 Aug (not 16), 6.55pm

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