altHurtwood Theatre Company’s performance of Cake left me hungry, but predicting the future is bright. The young trio confidently delivered an absurdist play, setting the greed of 21st century capitalism in the mind of a sexually frustrated couple locked in a room with no exit.

Their energy was evident from the off, with an engaging tension between the two actors on stage, who cavorted around a bench and table with acrobatic choreography, whilst sprouting intertwined monologues about sex and tea. The introduction of an amusing character personifying greed and, quite possibly, cocaine (note: extreme talcum powder in hair) should have allowed the actors to venture further into the ridiculous; unfortunately their inexperience and youth saw the play gallop along at the same pace and single-mindedly default back to the sex.

This main oversight did not allow the audience to fully appreciate the hard work and humorous qualities the company clearly possesses. An hour of frantic weirdness and enjoyment was had, but this reviewer was left thinking a few more years in the Fringe oven and this Cake would be more filling.

Sweet Grassmarket, 6-22 Aug, 2pm

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