altCamille, the Irish-French cabaret phenomenon, was at her effervescent best as she melted everyone’s hearts with her perfectly crafted songs. Reviving the fiery cabaret acts she discovered in Berlin, she added her own tantalizing and very real edge to mostly dark and traditionally masculine songs. Her set took us on a journey through some of her favourite artists including Jacques Brel, Radiohead and Tom Waits.

Camille is relaxed between tunes, joking with her band and pulling faces at the audience. This contrasts stunningly with her vocal performance, which she beautifully conducts from the centre of the stage with the kind of emotion and intensity one expects to see from a Broadway star. Each song delicately unearthed a new side to the singer’s loveable personality. Every second song saw a change of wardrobe, as Camille went from little black riding hood to sultry Moulin Rouge in a paradoxically clumsy and sexy fashion. She was accompanied by a 5-piece band that flip-flopped seamlessly from one genre to the next. The drummer, especially, received a rapturous applause during the encore number, ‘The Ship Song’ by Nick Cave.

Their stirring renditions left me crying, laughing and gobsmacked. Selfishly, I felt every note and glance was injected directly into my bloodstream, so candid was the quality of her voice. This show should, nay must be seen. And then seen again, and again, and again.

Assembly@George St, 5-30 Aug (not 10, 17, 24), 10.25pm

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