altIn association with Edinburgh Mela, Scottish outdoor theatre team Iron Oxide have produced Cargo – a charming mystical story of a young woman’s journey in search of her home. Using the international language of physical performance it explores the basic themes of loss, friendship, conflict and triumph in a charming, at times clumsy, whirlwind through a sea of poncho-clad audience members.

Cargo is a fluid experience both in terms of its inventive uses of movement and its potential soak-factor. We are immersed into the set and woven into the story as the cast move around and through, disrupting and surprising the audience with wave boards, glittery fish, flotsam, characters and staged vessels wielding sprinkler systems.

Restricted by a later timeslot, the crowd was predominantly adult and I’m afraid what was really holding my attention was the threat of getting wet, as opposed to an enthralling storyline. Don’t be fooled into thinking the plot is grown-up or complex – the piece is ideally suited for children, but sadly the props and lighting effects are only done justice by the dreamy nighttime atmosphere. But for after-bedtime viewing it’s an absolute treat.

Leith Links (West), 11-22 Aug (not 16), 9.15pm

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