altAn hour of pure, unadulterated entertainment, Chris Addison is comedy at its best for the Guardian-reading, wine-drinking middle classes (luckily he’s found his target audience in the Assembly Ballroom).

Not your average bloke, Addison spends much of the show mocking his own effeminacy and candidly confessing to his fear of sex and all things physical. His lanky frame enters the stage supported by crutches from a recent accident, immediately summoning the audience into a state of hysterical laughter as he recounts the first of many tales of the mishaps that lead him to claim his body a lifelong ‘traitor’. 

His body may refuse to cooperate, but this man has a fantastic brain: imaginative, curious and unique in its musings. Launching into an irrational tirade against Ugg boots and golf, the quick-witted, fast-talking Addison doesn’t miss a beat. Drawing on subject matter from the personal to the political, Addison brilliantly portrays the inherent cynicism of the ever-moaning British and how their love of a good ‘crisis’ overlooks how lucky we are to live in the 21st century, from the apocalyptic reactions to January’s ‘Big Freeze’ to the histrionics over the fuel crisis.

His characterisation of a passive aggressive Internet is fantastic, and his honest, self-deprecating humour really is British comedy gold. Describing himself as looking like a child’s “collage made with twiglets”, Addison’s sparkling intelligence and his years of experience on both (BAFTA award winning) television and the stage have transformed him into a magnetic and compelling comedy presence guaranteed to make you laugh, a lot. 

Assembly @ George St, 16-30 Aug, 8.25pm

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