altCircus Trick Tease is a bruising display of acrobatic mischief and impressive physical prowess from a talented ménage à trois. Together these circus misfits twist and contort themselves into any array of shapes, balancing on top of each other in stunning style.

Strongman Mr Blanc is an irritating and creepy character, but when he lifts up four terrified members of the audience at the same time you find yourself cheering along with the crowd. His female assistant teases, winks and pouts throughout and even though she is a skilled performer her persona does begin to grate after half an hour.

In fact the talking segments of the show and the storylines only detract from the obvious gifts of these contortionists. At one point the third member of the troupe attempts to distract our eyes from the suggestive striptease going on behind a shadow box – a sleazy diversion which has people in the row in front of me considering an early exit.

This show is not entirely suitable for children, unless you want them permanently disturbed by a hairy man in a leopard print leotard. Few people, however, would fail to be entertained by a man balancing on his head on top of a bottle to the sound of Nessun Dorma. There is also some thrilling acrobatic jiving, which you are unlikely to see on Strictly Come Dancing, showing these performers can do family friendly fun as well as suggestive swaying.

The finale of the show is a dazzling display, worth the ticket price alone. A recommended show but, like many of these circus acts, you may find an hour is stretching even their talents a little further than necessary.

Udderbelly, 5-30 Aug (not 16, 23), 5.55pm

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