altWhether you’re a fan of O’Doherty already or have only just come across him, there is one absolute certainty – you will not be able to help but like this man. You will like him a lot. Coming equipped with an if.comedy award and nine previous Fringe shows, O’Doherty is in no position to have to worry about the safety of his comedy crown. 

As an archetypal self-deprecating and slightly mad Irishman, O’Doherty spent a glorious hour filling the audience in on a range of wholly unconnected subjects. Although the underlying inspiration appeared to be his perceived failings or his gripes with the world, the show remained zanily optimistic.

When he had given up on ranting he unashamedly reverted to reading out bizarre animal facts from his own book, keeping the laughter at a relentlessly high volume. The incorporation of a rudimentary keyboard further coloured the performance, its music being used both as an accompaniment to songs, including his Beefs of 2010, an improvised bicycle repair song, and a very effective punchline.

The performance is recommended for all ages and temperaments. This joyously bizarre take on the world by a man with too much time on his hands would bring delight to the hardest of hearts. 

Pleasance Courtyard, 4-30 Aug (not 16), 10.20pm

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