altFelix Dexter, star of BBC2’s Bellamy’s People and Radio 4’s Down The Line, brings his schizophrenic new show to the Fringe. Mixing stand-up with storytelling and role-playing, Dexter entertained a small but receptive crowd.

Dexter uses an array of contrasting characters to explore ideas of racial stereotypes and political correctness, involving the audience in his largely improvised routine. These include Aubrey Dubuisson, the terminally English, public school, Cotswold-living architect; and star of the show Julius Olufemwe, Hotel Management student and admirer of all things English. It’s clear that Dexter is a talented actor who can use his voice for comic effect to bring these creations to life. However much of the audience’s laughter comes from his own tales of performing his stand-up routine in jail and the effects of knife crime on his community.

This kind of comedy show is naturally suited to more mainstream festival audiences, as the material only skirts the edges of controversy and doesn’t attempt anything too unusual or subversive. You can forgive him for a couple of duff jokes about Mandela and Obama because of his natural skill as a raconteur. This is a fun show, delivered by a likable personality, which deserves a bigger audience.

Pleasance Courtyard, 4-30 Aug (not 11, 18), 9pm

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