Having served as the springboard of British talent for decades, the Cambridge Footlights is a hard title to live up to. The audience sat down with an air of excitement, expecting to see the Next Big Thing

Unfortunately the magic wasn’t quite there. The series of sketches relied too heavily on tried and tested popular culture references, resounding well with the audience but failing to display any unique perspective. Similarly, the overacting that accompanied these sketches made the jokes too laboured, leaving no scope for a variation in expression.

There was also a glaring lack of unity to the group, which was apparent in the contrasting comedy styles of the performers. This is most evident in one very abstract sketch on birds which, although very funny, was out of place amongst the more conventional material.

The team redeemed themselves, though, in their more subtle moments, such as hilarious awkward pauses and quiet asides. The addition of a few songs was also extremely successful, showing their ability to conceive and deliver some very original material.  

If the allure of hammy acting and MTV gags is your thing then I would highly recommend the Footlights, but unfortunately this may not be Cambridge’s year for ground-breaking new comedy. 

Pleasance Dome, 4-30 Aug (not 16), 3.50pm

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