altThe audience huddle around in this cosy pub for a fascinating forty minute one-man performance delivered with such ease and conviction that it doesn’t feel like a performance at all.

Trystan Gravelle is Dave, a frustrated Welsh man with a dull civil service job whose reflections on recent events in his work and private life are moving, insightful and surprisingly funny. Exploring what happens when people are brutally honest, this piece concentrates on the tensions inherent in the British workplace, where nothing is ever commented on or addressed directly but implicitly understood.

Struggling to fit in either at home or at work, Dave’s character is complex and fully developed, drawing empathy, pity and sometimes antipathy from the audience. By setting the production in a pub without any theatrical trappings or atmospheric lighting, Dave’s confessions are made to feel like a genuine, amusing rant by a punter to acquaintances in his local (particularly plausible given Dave’s penchant for alcohol).

This dark comedy is an original, wry and brilliantly scripted piece exploring and exposing the double-edged sword of truth. The script and it’s delivery keep the audience captivated despite the distracting noise levels inevitable within the setting, as DC Moore’s words are brought to life by Gravelle’s sincere and startlingly realistic depiction of a flawed but perceptive man.

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