altYou can’t like all stand-ups – I just hope there is at least one person who likes Justin Moorhouse. Being called a kiddy fiddler for simply having a beard is not my idea of amusing, and the audience seemed to realize pretty early on that hilarity was not going to ensue.

Moorhouse’s show reveals his desire for self-development and creating a better life for his children. His title for the set comes from a long-winded story he tells of how stingy his family was when they went to the beach one time.

His Northern roots give him plenty of material to draw from, but none of this was seen on stage. The anecdotes fell limply on to a quiet crowd with the faint titter of embarrassed laughter. His manner seemed exhausted and often gratingly desperate as he tried to keep things afloat.

The older generation will perhaps get more out of the experience, as many of his stories revolve around family life and how annoying his children are.

I would not want you to go and spend your hard earned money on an hour of Justin Moorhouse. I’d rather eat a raw egg.

Pleasance Courtyard, 5-30 Aug (not 16), 9.30pm

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