altBecki Gerrard exposes both her body and her inner self in this brave performance piece. Lip Service explores the importance of family history in a show that includes film clips, photographs, dancing, anecdotes, boiling kettles and quite a lot of spilt milk.

The definition of lip service is giving approval or support to something insincerely, but this show attempts to do just the opposite. By walking through her family history Gerrard discusses the connections that tie us through generations and why these bonds should matter. People from her life are subject to scrutiny and questioning – the only way for her to begin to understand who she has become is by exploring her relationships with the past.

The problem with the show is that so many branches of the family tree are introduced that it is often difficult for them to be anything more than fragmentary. The quality of the writing wavers at points, although the passionate acting and the inventive use of symbolism raise it above simply mediocre festival fare.

Using your family as inspiration for a piece of theatre may seem like nothing new but Gerrard attempts to turn these life stories into a work of art. She somewhat succeeds and this unashamedly naked show is a worthwhile celebration of what makes everyone who they are.     

C Soco, 4-27 Aug (not 25, 26), 5.55pm

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