altAn hour flies by in the company of The List Operators, whose predilection for toilet humour and skirting the very edge of naughtiness goes down extremely well with the excited kids’ crowd their daytime slot attracts.

Be warned, though: this is not a show for sweet little princes and princesses. Matt and Rich, the eponymous List Operators, are a pair of Aussies who like nothing better than riling up your mini monsters with tales of ninja nans, fart sound effects, discussions of when a word is rude and when it isn’t, and massive alien fights using stuffed dishtowels. Their grannies would tell them to wash their mouths out with soap, but they’d probably be too busy hypnotising the family with mumbling and then nipping out to fight crime.

There were moments when I thought the rudeness did get a bit much, and I can’t imagine there were many parents coming away thinking ‘gosh, I’m glad my child learned the difference between dam and damn,’ but the vast majority of the show has its heart in the right place and is very entertaining. Adults might find the fart jokes, fake vomit and messing around a bit wearing after a while – this is definitely one for the little ones rather than the ‘old people’.

Kids are likely to come out of this show more hyperactive than if they’d drunk an entire factory’s output of Sunny D, begging their grans to show off their karate skills and with a whole new arsenal of naughty words and jokes. Silly, mischievous fun.

Pleasance Courtyard, 4-31 Aug (not 17), 2.30pm

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