altIn this production of Hamlet (as you’ve never seen before), Linda Marlowe’s confident, powerful and moving performance is truly commendable. Launching into the script in the guise of a cleaner in a dressing room, Marlowe’s flawless command of the language and nuances of the greatest work in English literature is captivating. By collaborating with six brilliant puppeteers from Fingers Theatre, the tragic tale is given life, colour and clarity through the company’s fantastic collection of puppets.

Enacting with verve each character in the play, Linda moves from voice to voice and monologue to (imaginary) dialogue with an ease that only the most skilled of actors can accomplish. Lacking the trappings and the cast of a traditional theatrical performance of Hamlet, Shakespeare’s beautiful script is distilled into its purest form, allowing the audience to savour each word through Linda Marlowe’s lucid, unembellished delivery.

The puppets are handled with delicate expertise and Marlowe’s interaction with these wonderfully expressive characters adds spark, comedy and a refreshing creativity to the dark material of the play. I would, however, advise anyone going along to the show to be familiar with the script beforehand in order to be able to fully absorb and enjoy Marlowe’s eloquent interpretation of Shakespeare’s masterpiece.  

Assembly@George St, 5-29 Aug (not 14, 24), 5.20pm

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