altReturning to the Fringe with a well-established reputation as one of the funniest sketch troupes around, Pappy’s deservedly popular show doesn’t disappoint despite growing competition. Enjoying every moment of their performance, this engaging trio have the audience, and often themselves, in hysterics.

The laughs begin immediately in this packed-out venue as the team launch into their act with the energetic musical number “All Business”, introducing the novel theme of the show: the need to win over ‘Four Foot Freddie’ (enacted by the fantastic Tom Parry) with their routines in order to gain funding.

After establishing the premise for their low-budget sketches, the group take the audience through a number of loosely linked imaginative journeys that include a singing dog, a boy with balloons for hands, a rap by a petrol pump and the recurring appearance of a crazy woman on a pogo stick.

This mad, inventive and brilliant show is unpolished, uncoordinated and in many ways shouldn’t work, but it does. Formerly known as Pappy’s Fun Club, they may have dropped the ‘fun’ from their name but it remains the key ingredient in this hugely entertaining and ridiculous performance.  

Pleasance Courtyard, 4-30 Aug (not 16), 7.20pm

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