altCapering around the stage like a court jester who has somehow acquired the dress sense of a modern dandy, Paul Foot is definitely a unique character. His merry band of ‘connoisseurs’ (Foot insists he doesn’t have anything so mundane as ‘fans’) settle in for an hour of constant digression, larking about and surreal imagery.

This latest show from the Fringe veteran has been directed by Foot’s pal Noel Fielding, and you can certainly see why the pair get on so well. Fans of The Mighty Boosh will recognise the bizarre landscape of Foot’s mind, a mash-up of fairytale forests and quintessentially English country fairs. A long segment on shire horses is particularly rewarding, just to give an indication of the kind of subject matter to expect.

Foot is most certainly not for everyone; his particular brand of surreal nonsense won’t sit well with the small-minded joke-punchline crowd. His silly and inspired world proves, however, that he most certainly does not only have ‘Ash in the Attic’ as the show’s title claims.

Underbelly, 5-29 Aug (not 16), 7.40pm

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