altWith an audience comprising only five people (two children and their family), Phil Kay’s show gets off to a slow start. However, Phil Kay is clearly a lovely man with an abundance of energy who makes a commendable effort to entertain his intimate audience despite the clearly disappointing turnout.

Asking each of the children to give him their left shoe, he places them in a box before calling them up one by one to perform fun tasks in order to earn back their shoe. Endearingly chaotic, Kay’s show, stage and props are random, haphazard and entertaining, as the children set about on tasks ranging from whacking mouldy hummus containers with a tennis racket to playing Frisbee with empty juice cartons.

Determined to entertain the kids, Kay doesn’t let himself get defeated by a young girl’s continued resistance to his suggested tasks and eventually has the children (all two of them) laughing and enjoying themselves so much that they carry on playing with Kay and his props on stage well after the show has finished.

The success of this show is entirely dependent upon the enthusiasm of the children and their willingness to engage with Kay and his ideas, but Kay’s patience and comedic charm leave his targeted young audience with beaming smiles on their faces by the end of this short but sweet interactive performance.

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