altIn this one woman show Rachel Rose Reid explores some of Hans Christian Andersen’s classic short stories through theatre in its most minimal form. Reid parallels her own life with that of Andersen’s by appropriating his work into her own reality.

This is an intelligent performance by a charming and quirky actress, but the ambition of the show makes Reid’s role difficult and demanding. Reid clearly has a talent for storytelling, but this piece lacks the use of the theatrical devices that would fully captivate the audience.

The use of songs in the performance, although very pleasant, seemed random and out of context to the play’s flow. Overall it’s a good demonstration of classical storytelling, reminding us of some of the most imaginative and creative short stories written by Hans Christian Andersen. However, the performance seemed more like a starting point for an exploration into the works of Andersen rather than a finished product. 

Pleasance Courtyard, 4-30 Aug, 2.05pm

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