altAnkur and Pachamama Productions present a truly unforgettable experience with Roadkill, a totally immersive piece of theatre that addresses the issue of sex trafficking in Scotland. Based on the true story of a young woman brought here from Nigeria, the audience joins chirpy teenager Adeola on her bus journey into the city, accompanied by an older woman who looks after her. They chat with the people sitting around them, and soon the instinct to avoid strangers on public transport fades, as you can’t help liking Adeola’s naiveté and sense of fun.

The audience follow the pair into a flat, where Adeola is trapped as a prostitute and given the name Mary to please her clients. She is in a strange country, where she has nowhere to go even if she could escape. The horror of rape scenes is enhanced by varied lighting and impressive projections of animations that represent Mary’s thoughts and fears. 

As a member of the audience, generally surrounding the action on chairs that line the room, you feel like you are witnessing something that you have to put a stop to, and even feel guilty for not doing so. The performances from all three actors are excellent, and the desperation and terror is palpable. The use of John Kazek as all male roles from pimp to policeman gives the audience the same suspicion of men that Mary experiences.

Roadkill is a hard-hitting emotional journey that immerses the audience in its story in a way that couldn’t be achieved from the safety of a comfy seat in a darkened theatre. 

Traverse, 7-29 Aug (not 9, 16, 23), times vary

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