altAs a well-known face on the comedy scene (particularly thanks to his regular spot on popular shows such as ‘Mock The Week’) Sean Lock effortlessly fills this sizeable venue not only with sell-out audiences, but a lot of laughter. The cockney geezer charms the crowd with his slick, smart and funny routine.

The topics covered are not particularly original, often too predictable, and perhaps appeal more to those who can relate to the frequently covered comic plight of family life. As British as it gets, Lock entertains with his digs at Nick Griffin, The Sun, ‘Britain’s (not) Got Talent’ and his equations of Lidl’s cut-price supermarket with a famine relief centre.

This sensible-looking, bespectacled father has in fact a keen eye for the ridiculous and a brilliant way of finding the humour in the most trivial and mundane of situations. Perfecting the art of amusing moaning in a way only the British can, Lock’s disgruntled rants about wheat-intolerance and charity ‘muggers’ have the audience in hysterics.

The title of the show doesn’t mislead and Lockipedia covers an extensive and random range of topics, never settling on one theme for too long. If you’re looking for an hour of comedy that has something for everyone, Sean Lock is a safe bet and always a hot ticket in his six-night Fringe run.

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