altStorm Large (yes, that’s her real and very appropriate name) is a force of nature whose beautiful voice and stunning looks once stole the hearts of the judges on the CBS talent show ‘Rockstar’. Now she’s captivating the Fringe with her autobiographical musical, Crazy Enough.

She woos her audience by proclaiming her lounge-core cabaret show to be ‘like a first date’. Flirting and talking to the audience with intimate, teasing storytelling, she seduces everyone in the room with a husky voice, blonde locks and endless legs. The show is a moving and shocking rollercoaster ride through Storm’s troublesome life, from coping with a mentally ill, suicidal mother to recovering from a heroin addiction through her singing career.

She exhibits an incredible vocal range as, with her soulful, rock chick voice, she unapologetically explores her weird and wonderful life with screams, whispers, howls and ballads. Each performance is brimming with innuendo and this self-proclaimed “dick-whisperer” is the personification of sex on legs.

Crazy she may be, but Storm Large delivers each song with an unwavering, exhilarating intensity and passion that pierces the air with a controlled recklessness sure to send shivers down your spine throughout this beautiful storm of a show. 

Underbelly, 5-29 Aug (not 16, 24), 10.25pm

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