Using the backdrop of the aspirational business seminar craze, the two Joes and Kieran don perfectly mimicked business-like demeanours and public speaking techniques to guide us through a seminar on how to be successful at anything.

The comedy genius of this talented young group is almost inexplicable because their abilities suited almost every comic format. Their impeccable writing employed the framework of the seminar to elevate the piece above an entangled and directionless sketch show, giving their wildly abstract hypothetical situations, such as plane crashes and personifications of chess pieces, a hilarious backdrop of Average Joe group disputes. It would be hard to spoof business types without Joe Parham’s odd nod to The Office’s David Brent character, but apart from that their material was entirely original, lacking the frequent popular culture references that so many young comedians depend upon for cheap laughs.

The sense that these gifted comedians are going to be the next big thing was further proved by an overcrowded venue, an audience that will no doubt increase by the day. The baffling thing about this show is that it’s free. The brilliant mixture of writing and performance really underlined the phrase ‘the best things in life are free.’ Catch them before their modest shows become sell-out tours.  

Voodoo Rooms, 9-17 Aug, 3.40pm

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