altThis charming bespectacled duo, Jacob Edwards and his less funny other half Phil Gilbert, present a double act of comedy sketches and character comedy, yet do neither particularly well.

The posh, affable comedians begin the show by welcoming the idea of turning their friendship into a civil partnership, based predominantly on a desire for lowered tax rates. These two men have the potential to deliver great comedy, but their confident, likeable approach is undermined by their lack of good material.

Having made appearances in the hit Channel 4 comedies Peep Show and The I.T Crowd, these guys are comfortable on the stage and interesting to watch. However, the meandering, silly comic plot is held together only by Jacob Edwards’ superb comic timing and ad-libbing, as Phil Gilbert’s presence is predominantly outshone, although encouraged, by his friend.

These young comedians have not yet mastered the art of good script writing, and not even the hilarious consumption of a block of Red Leicester can distract from that. It is through the spontaneous comedy found through interactions with the audience and bouncing off each other that this promising pair demonstrates their comic wit and ability, but sadly there are not enough of these moments to make this show really come together.  

Pleasance Courtyard, 4-30 Aug (not 16), 4.45pm

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