altDuring a moment of drunken existential crisis, Glaswegian comic Susan Calman wrote her own obituary. This may seem like depressing material for a stand-up show, but in the hands of such a talented comedian we are treated to an hour of entertaining musings on life, love, death and the power of Ferrero Rocher.

Stories of her previous festival failures set the tone for this self-deprecating hour of comedy. Calman has appeared on BBC Radio Scotland and Radio 4, making her no longer resigned to performing to an audience of two people. There is a diverse crowd in the room and she has material that suits them all.

Jokes about her height and her relationships keep the audience engaged, although she only really gets going when she begins to read her obituary and discuss her pathological lying streak. When the material turns to feminism, Calman shows she can deliver the punchlines as well as the whimsical stories about her cat. Apart from the drunk woman in the front row, who spent the entire show chatting (or being told to be quiet), the audience does not stop laughing throughout.

A thoroughly enjoyable hour from a comedian who will no doubt continue to impress in years to come, if only she can manage to live that long. 

Underbelly, 5-29 Aug (not 17), 8.10pm

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