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Tom Wrigglesworth: My Nightmare Dream Wedding

Tom Wrigglesworth takes you on a slow and mediocre ride through the nightmare/dream day of his wedding. Starting with a video, the frizzy-haired comedian gradually unravels the answers to how he wound up in a gritty hotel room throwing up his dinner.

The story sees Tom meet an assortment of characters that lend a hand on the journey from a Manchester TV studio to a Las Vegas hotel room. But the marathon quest never really got off the ground, and I found myself cringing in my seat as people around me laughed because they felt they had to, because they were seeing stand-up and because Tom Wrigglesworth is really funny. Right?

The show was far from ready to be put in front of a paying audience, and although a couple of anecdotes amused me and his Jerry Springer joke was incredible, the comic was far from his natural best. The show was unpolished and unfinished. Just because it’s the Fringe, doesn’t mean you have to have a show on; well, not if you are still asking the audience what should be in it at the end. 

Finally, he reassures the crowd ‘this is the best set I’ve done this run’; if that’s the case, the other audiences must have thought it was an actual nightmare.

Pleasance Courtyard, 4-29 Aug (not 17), 6.20pm