altFrom the start of this riotous show, New York’s The Wau Wau Sisters invite you to open wide and leave your inhibitions at the door. La Clique stars Tanya Gagne and Adrienne Truscott combine the devilishness delights of burlesque, cabaret and circus into one foul-mouthed hoedown.

The theme of ‘The Last Supper’ inspires some slutty sacrilege that has the audience happily going straight to hell. These girls are not afraid to ride the line between filth and decency, using their many, many talents to work the audience into a frenzy of drunken debauchery. Dressing and undressing becomes more than a tease but a deliciously dangerous art form in itself. Even the audience find themselves shedding their clothing, and in some cases their dignity, all in the name of fun festival frolics.

The end of the show recreates the last supper on stage with a gleeful sense of abandon and you are never sure what exactly is going to happen next. The Sisters’ skills as dancers, singers and circus performers have wowed audiences across the world, including winning the Brighton Fringe Best International Act. Vaudeville acts, such as this one, are becoming increasingly popular at the festival and these girls are one of the best.

My advice: get drunk, take your boyfriend or your girlfriend, and go wild!  

Assembly@George St, 5-30 Aug (not 16, 23), 10.40pm

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