altWonderland tells the true story of the relationship between Charles Dodgson, better known as Lewis Carroll, and Isa Bownman, the actress who played the part of Alice in the stage version of Alice in Wonderland.

The play offers an interesting insight into the person behind one of the most celebrated stories in British literary history, and gives the audience a hint as to the creativity and charm of Carroll as a person. The piece is performed with great energy by Michael Maloney as Dodgson, however misses the mark as a show aimed to entertain people of all ages.

There were some moments of theatrical magic, mostly down to an imaginative design, but the performance was continually interrupted and slowed down by songs that neither added energy nor furthered the plot line. The performance seemed too childish for adults and yet the plot too adult for children, and although the cast performed it well the pace of the show led to a number of people leaving the performance and a handful falling asleep.

For a person particularly interested in Lewis Carroll as a writer this may be an engaging performance to watch, however for others it may turn out to be a waste of an hour and half. 

Assembly @ George St, 5-29 Aug (not 17), 1.45pm

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