The Spaces @ Royal Hall of Surgeons
7-29 August (ex. 16) 10.35

Giraffes Can't DanceBlunderbus Theatre Company is bringing to life poet Giles Andreae’s tale of the not so nimble footed Gerald the Giraffe in a heartening new musical play aimed at 4-7 year olds.

Beautiful handcrafted puppets and giant multi-operator body puppets allow the audience to suspend their disbelief as they are taken into the jungle for the annual jungle dance.

This show is very wholesome- the five strong troupe wear coloured dungarees- need I say more? This said they cannot be faulted for their efforts, made from the offset, to encourage and inspire confidence in their young audience, introducing themselves and learning names and faces. The effect was that boundaries came down and the children became completely immersed and relaxed in the presence of the larger puppets. So much so that when Gerald was ridiculed by a nasty lion for his lack of dancing prowess and his “banana face,” a girl no older than four from the audience championingly called out, “Just ignore it, Gerald!” to which the response was “Thank you Emily, I’ll try but it is written in the script”. My favourite retort of the show.

This is an all singing, all dancing, colourful and up tempo production that small children will adore. Parents may have to grit their teeth as butterflies land on them but there is the potential for them too to enjoy the show as the company aim to make it a family experience.

A word of warning about the cheeky chimpanzees- although I daresay that they have been toned down- they did have the children screaming and wailing within five loud “ooohh ahh ahhs” and four loose-limbed leaps.

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