Harold and Lillian: A Hollywood Love Story tells the real-life account of a married couple who worked behind the scenes for dozens of films throughout half of the twentieth century. They made huge contributions to the history of cinema; Harold as a storyboard artist, and Lilian as a film researcher.

The documentary primarily interviews Lilian as she takes you through their sixty years of marriage. It is ripe with insights into films such as The Ten Commandments and The Graduate, showing you how some of the most iconic shots in cinema history came to fruition.

The film is a love letter to cinema. Featuring interviews and stories from high profile filmmakers who befriended and worked with the couple; Mel Brooks, Francis Ford Coppola and Danny DeVito to name a few. It successfully captures how influential the couple were on films that remain part of popular culture today.

This documentary is a must for those with a passion for cinema. However, director Daniel Raim’s portrayal of such a beautiful human story and the relationship between Harold and Lillian, makes it difficult not to sit back and enjoy what you are watching.

Calum North

Sun 19 June, 6.15pm, Cineworld

Fri 24 June, 3.35pm, Filmhouse 3

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