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Words Kate Copstick   

What’s your show about?

How I learned about sex. My mum, who was a Methodist, never spoke to me about sex and my dad gave me a big bag of gay porn DVDs.
The show also deals with my own sexual history – the good, the bad… It’s full on sexplicit and very boundary pushing.

What does your Mum think now?

My Mum is a big part of the show. I had a chat with her and recorded an interview. It has some lovely moving moments. I hope the audience appreciate her as much as I do. 

Where will audiences in Edinburgh have seen

you before?

I started with Miss Behave when I was 24. I was the glamorous assistant, the Debbie McGee in Miss Behave’s Game Show.  We took that show from Blackpool to Vegas, which was amazing. Then I joined Briefs, the Australian boylesque troupe, and toured the world for two years.  I’m not a trained dancer or an acrobat but I think they saw someone that would be game for being thrown around the stage. Suddenly I became Jane Torvill.

Does Sex Education have a strong element of


There are some ridiculous dance numbers, some stunning outfits including a white lace wedding dress, some funny bits and some conversations with the audience.  I make cucumber sandwiches for the audience to eat while we are listening to my mum’s stories. 
We also watch some of the gay porn my dad gave me when I was a teenager.


Summerhall – TechCube 0

7.10 pm, 31 Jul–25 Aug (not 12, 19), from £5

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