History’s Future is a kaleidoscope of narrative devices that blends fiction with documentary, creating a constant juxtaposition throughout the movie. This ambitious debut feature from visual artist Fiona Tan, is an introspective look at a character (Mark O’Halloran) who is assaulted by a mystery figure and left with no memory of his life. This sends him down a path of self-realisation and discovery after abandoning his old life. The journey takes him around various parts of Europe that reflect the changes in his own identity.

The use of documentary footage and real life interviews hint at the disillusionment and often violent search for identity in modern day Europe. The film is extremely cinematic, often contrasting clinical and structured imagery next to the chaotic and violent.

It is the abstract nature of the film that may lose audience’s attention. The continuous juxtaposition of narrative, as well as a main character that is devoid of context, creating very little empathy and connection to viewers.

However, Mark O’Halloran’s performance is incredible, making the character’s one-dimensional alter egos really stand out on screen. It is these moments of discovery and exploration that bring the much needed drama and often comic relief to an intensive depiction of selfhood.

Joel Gutteridge

Fri 17 June, 8.40pm, Odeon 4

Tue 21 June, 3.45pm, Filmhouse 3

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