Idiots of Ants already has a reputation for laddish school boy humour which the foursome make no effort to try and overturn in their latest offering.

Sketches include how to achieve an effective wedgie during a demonstration on popular bullying techniques, a take on modern man’s pub chat and songs on how good puppets are in bed. This all gives you some idea of the genre of comedy favoured by the boys: suitable for all but lacking in excitement or edginess and certainly not what one would expect from a new exciting comedy troupe. Their reliance on the puerile begins to grate after a while, and they dont have anything especially original to bring to the stage (a stage inexplicably dominated by the presence of their musical instruments, used only in two sketches) They cover ground that has been well and truly trampled on and their take on the material isn’t inventive enough to stop it feeling ike something you’ve seen before. That said, they did coax laughter from the audience, proof that comedy which sticks with the comfortable and the clichéd still holds considerable mass appeal.

Pleasance Courtyard, 4-30 Aug (not 16, 23), 20:25

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