Traverse Theatre @ The Point Hotel
5-30 August (ex. 17,24), times vary.

InternalInternal is one of those shows that it’s very hard to talk about without ruining it completely for anyone who goes along after you. Put simply, the experience begins like this: five strangers meet in the lobby of a hotel. They wait, chatting between themselves, as another five people emerge blinking into the harsh light of the outside world.

The uninitiated group are ushered past the trappings of backstage: make-up laid out before lighted mirrors, paper cups half full of coffee. They are told to stand on a row of five white crosses, one to each cross. Then the curtain rises and the performance begins.

Internal is one of the most intense dramatic experiences I have ever encountered, and I don’t say that lightly. It is deeply personal, sometimes painfully so. I left the hotel wracked with self-doubt, and yet having enjoyed every moment in that extraordinary darkened space. I am amazed that the talented cast are able to repeat the process every half hour, almost every day of the Fringe.

Don’t go along with friends; you might feel inhibited. Don’t, for whatever reason, be late, as the show can’t start without five audience members. One man, a passing American roped in off the street to make up the numbers, left with a huge smile on his face, unable to believe his luck. I’m almost tempted to start lingering around outside myself, in the hopes that I, too, will be so lucky.

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