Talbot Rice Gallery
The University of Edinburgh
7 August – 26 September

Talbot RiceThis year, amongst other prominent works on show in the Edinburgh Art Festival the Talbot Rice Gallery hosts Jane and Louise Wilson’s first Scottish solo exhibition centred around their most recent film work Unfolding the Aryan Papers, commissioned by Animate Projects and the BFI with The Stanley Kubrick Archives, University of the Arts London.

Where they have previously produced and inhabited their works that involve or exist within grand spaces such as the houses of parliament, this latest installation works from the foundations of a film Stanley Kubrik began to make but abandoned in the process, which would have starred otherwise unknown actress Johanna Ter Steege.

The 17 minute piece is accompanied by original photographs of the starlet and Kubrik, as well as sculptural replicas of the yard stick appearing in the originals and film, and the Wilson’s own film stills of the actress 15 years later. As described in the accompanying written description by Tamara Trodd, the exhibition explores ‘a story dreamed about and imagined but never actually happened’ and prompts us to question the nature of existence in both the documented forms – film and photography, and intangible – memory and the narrated personal experience of Ter Steege, which resonates from the film, haunting the entire exhibition. There is a discerning equilibrium between these aspects, the categorical chronicling depicted with sensitivity to the emotional weight of the material and significance to it’s personae without excessive sentimentality. Garage (1989) is also on display, demonstrating their 20 year career.

Also being exhibited at Talbot Rice Gallery – The Enlightenments – The Reference Room By Joseph Kosuth 7th August – 26th September.

All images ©Paul Zanre/Talbot Rice Gallery

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