Pleasance Courtyard
5-31 August (ex.17) 11.30

Jumping MouseThis show made me wish I had children. Well, offer to babysit some children so as to take them to see this show. To put it simply, it was wonderful.

This is not your ordinary insipid and condescending children’s show with fuzzy animals and far away lands. The adventure begins when Martin, nine and a half, and nervous about moving school, boards the mysterious second Double Decker Bus. This bus, however, is not driven by the Loopy Scots lass at the wheel, but by a team of pesky newspaper shredding mice. It is the story of one of these mice in particular, which forms the crux of this hour’s delightful entertainment.

Desperate to find out what the roaring she can hear in her ears is, 247B (the mouse!) shimmies out of the bus through the exhaust and begins her search, carefully avoiding the ominous ‘spots’ and speeding cars. Along the way she meets the eccentric Bullfrog Blues band who teach her how to jump, a clapped out Bison and PB the racing wolf.

With only three actors, a host of quirky puppets, some defunct bus seats and a musician on the fringes, this show radiates energy and originality.

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