French film Kalinka is a dramatisation of the real life struggle of Andre Bamberski, a father who is trying to bring justice for his daughter Kalinka, who died under mysterious circumstances. While on holiday with her mother and Dieter Krombach, her mother’s partner, fourteen year old Kalinka goes to sleep and doesn’t wake up.

After seeing the autopsy report, Andre believes that foul play was involved and Dr. Krombach is his sole suspect. The man is on a mission, allowing the audiences to question if he’s in the right or if he’s being paranoid as, despite numerous attempts by Andre, Krombach walks free.

Spanning twenty seven years, the film does a great job at showing the progression of time. This is helped by Daniel Auteuil’s heartbreaking performance as Andre. We see him become physically fatigued from the failures of the justice system time and time again. There is an interesting mix of vulnerability yet determination to his character that will make you root undeniably for his goal.

In terms of drama, there is not anything here that breaks the mould. However, this does not change the fact that from start to finish the viewer is right with Andre, captivated to where his cause will take him next.

Calum North

Wed 22 June, 8.35pm, Odeon

Fri 24 June, 6pm, Odeon

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