In Karaoke Crazies Sung-wook (Lee Moon-sik) is the owner of the struggling Addiction Karaoke bar. He hires a young gamer Ha-suck (Bae So-eun) who slouches around in a green tracksuit, barely uttering a word. When professional party girl Na-ju (Kim Na-mi) arrives, the fortunes of Addiction start to turn around, and with the inclusion of a deaf mute (Bang Jun-ho) the disparate ensemble is complete.

Each member of this group is torn apart by inner conflict as a result of personal tragedy, all of which come to light as the narrative progresses. They are disconnected from the outside world, they avoid physical contact, they hide behind computer screens, deafened and numb. As the story develops Sung-wook becomes the unlikely father figure. The daily meal changes from dull routine to family ritual. Eventually, by sharing their lives with each other they find a way to ease their pain.

These individuals, as crazy as they might seem, are fully rounded, real characters. The acting is excellent, the location perfect, and the balance between dark and light never falters.

Karaoke Crazies is a compelling, atmospheric, eccentric genre buster with lots of soul. It is funny, scary, heart breaking, surprising and thrilling.

Caroline Grebbell

Saturday 18 June, 8.20pm, Filmhouse 2

Saturday 25 June, 6.20pm, Cineworld

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