Describe your show to us:

It’s about feeling obligated and deluded, so I cover topics like pray the gay away camps and Brexit. I’m not one for having serious bits in my show, so I tend to just take the piss out of anything I disagree with.


How does it feel returning to Edinburgh after your success last year?

I love it so I’m dead excited at the moment. Last year I felt the pressure because of the nomination for best newcomer the year before but then I won the Amused Moose thingy. So I think I’ve had a good couple of Fringes. So long as audiences (and the edfestmag reviewer obv) like my show, I’ll be happy come September time.
What is your top Fringe survival tip?

My rule is that I don’t drink all festival. For others with good livers though I’d say bring a wee fan to shows, as it can get hot. Also bring an umbrella…its Scotland.
What is the best and worst thing about the festival?

The buzz around the city is the best and worst. Its got a great atmosphere but when I’m rushing from one gig to another I usually have to run in cycle lanes to avoid being stuck behind tourists reading maps and taking photos.

Larry Dean: Fandan, Heroes @ Monkey Barrel, 3-27 August, 6.40pm, from £5

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