altOwls, as animals go, have quite a bit of comedy potential. Sadly, former Perrier Award-winner Laura Solon just doesn’t use them enough. The star of her show is a stuffed owl on a stick, who only makes an appearance in the last five minutes of this strange character comedy story.

Her best joke comes when she’s out of character talking about taxidermists, and you can’t help feeling they would have made a much more interesting subject than the array of stereotypical English, French and American inventions that Solon plays.

At no point did the audience appear to engage with the surreal and at times ludicrous story of visiting an island called Steven in search of an owl. Sure the delivery is energetic and the occasional punchline hits the mark, but you have to think there should be more to a comedy show than middle-class people arguing with each other. Jokes about tsatsiki and Wolverhampton have little appeal and her biggest laughs were for cheap shots at the French and a ‘your mum’ insult.

You would expect better from an experienced award-winning comedian. However, you have to give Solon credit for attempting something unique and different, even if she doesn’t quite pull it off.   

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