Describe your 2017 show to us

We are only back for one gig, performing as part of the Canada Hub and Nothing Ever Happens Here…live music season. Last year we played a bunch of underground concerts during Fringe, and this is going to be a first proper headline concert.

How does it feel returning to Edinburgh after your success last year?

It’s going to be wild! We had such an incredible time last year, telling a story that means so much to us, of events that will never leave us (The Maidan Protests in Ukraine in 2013/14). We are back as the band playing with Ben Caplan – he’s like a Jewish Tom Waits.

What is your top Fringe survival tip?

To take risks and talk to everyone about what they see, we know word of mouth was what sold out our shows – and we hope people take our word of mouth hint for 2017 – go to Canada Hub at King’s Hall (our old venue!) in association with Summerhall.

What is the best and worst thing about the festival?

The best thing for us was getting to meet so many new people and sharing our work. We were overwhelmed with how successful Counting Sheep was, and now we’re getting to tour because of it. The worst is that the entire city of Edinburgh becomes a crazy cash grab. Everybody jacks up the cost of EVERYTHING.

NEHH Presents: Lemon Bucket Orkestra & Ben Caplan, Summerhall, 8 August, 8pm, from £12

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