Edinburgh Festivals Magazine

Lord of the Flies

Augustine’s Church
9-15 August, 11.25

William Golding’s novel about a group of boys crash-landing onto a desert island and subsequently descending into a state of savagery, is a disconcerting look into human nature and the origins of society.

The Beacon Theatre Group makes this tale all the more convincing through some excellent acting by its young cast. The lead characters of Jack, Roger, Piggy, and Ralph are all superb, with each providing a strong performance. Even during the applause at the end of the show, Jack seemed to remain very much the dominant and overbearing figure of the group. A coherent marshalling of the often-crowded stage also adds to the polished adaptation of Golding’s novel.

While not adding anything new to the novel, this adaptation is nonetheless a solid take on Golding’s work, with some commendable acting