Sudley-on-sea, the town around which Max and Ivan’s hilarious narrative sketch comedy show is built, is the type of place you never want to visit, but you want to hear all about.

The energetic duo take you on a tour of this unconventionally picturesque place, which strongly echoes The League of Gentlemen’s Royston Vasey. Paedophiles hide in bushes, murderers/poets hang out in graveyards and helicopters… well helicopters are one big contribution Ivan brought to the show. And what a priceless contribution.

Max and Ivan’s dialogue is a constant back and forth of sharp comedic timing and scripted genius as they jump from character to character with effortless ease. Clever audience interaction adds a little improv to the story, and a new star is born when Crystal is picked from the audience to be the date of Sudley’s Milhouse.

Highly spirited, slightly crazy and all-round entertaining – it’s a must watch.

Words: Lidia Molina Whyte

Max and Ivan: The End, Pleasance Dome, 7-30 August, 8.20pm

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