Doggerfisher @ 11 Gayfield Square
1 August – 26 September

MagnoliaDrawing from Paul Nash’s Flight of the Magnolia Nashashibi and Skaer’s Our Magnolia is a film study into ideas of expectation and the inevitable. The painter’s original, part of the Aerial Flowers series painted during the Second World War, is a serenely apocalyptic vision set to the tune of Nash’s particular brand of surreal and prehistoric otherworldliness.

The film itself delicately and sensitively expands on notions hinted at by Nash, reclaiming and re-humanising experience from expression. Nashashibi and Skaer are concerned with the unseen and the inevitable; we wait for the invisible destruction, for the long-expected explosion to throw out its fiery blossom. Panning from Nash’s original to windswept beaches to a slowly rotting whale-carcass, the film is a study in latent energy and the promise of violent culmination set before a soundtrack bristling with static and the faint echoes of gun-fire, pistons and thunder. The climax itself is a mercilessly swift challenge to Nash’s claim that he ‘…could never be worried about the laws of gravity again.’

Our Magnolia is a thought-provoking and hauntingly beautiful film. Doggerfisher might seem a bit off the beaten track and maybe a little too far to go just to watch a four minute film but if you find yourself twiddling your thumbs in New Town, take a stroll off the trench that used to be Leith Walk and nip into Doggerfisher.

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