Pleasance Dome
5-31 August (ex. 17,24) 16.20

OdysseyThis production was so exceptional that I do not know how to do it justice. One man attempting to depict Homer’s Odyssey is an epic order in itself especially in the constraints of an hour. Cue the ambitious Lecoq trained George Mann, whose multi-faceted performance renders him peerless.

Transported to ancient Greece in the aftermath of the Trojan War, the audience follows Odysseus’ tortuous journey home to his wife and son. As he is repeatedly thwarted by the will of the Gods and the obstacle of mythical beasts, Mann takes on not only the central role of Odysseus, but all those Gods and others who he must overcome: from an imperious Poseidon to a whole house full of suitors on whom he must be avenged

Indeed, “determined to shake up, wake up, and provoke the imagination of the spectator,” Mann metamorphoses between characters so skilfully, both reshaping his body and refining his voice to accommodate each new persona, he transcends the fact that he is working alone. Completely malleable he deftly hares through the Odyssey, but landing, as if on a pin point balance, on each character so you are never left confused, instead carried away with him entranced.

Talent like this is breath taking, if you only see one show this is it.

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