So this is your tenth consecutive Edinburgh?

Yes. When I first started in 2007 there was just me and Jerry Sadowitz doing comedy and magic. Now there’s so much it could get its own section in the Fringe programme.

Has your act changed much over the last decade?

I’ve got a formula and I’ve stuck with it and it has worked very well for me. It’s 60 minutes of the best stuff I’ve come up with over the year. I work very hard on it. This year I’ll also be doing some of my favourite routines from over the past decade.

Your shows are generally very well received – but have you ever had an Edinburgh disaster?

In my first year I was in the middle of putting a mouse in a blender when a woman stormed the stage and got very angry. I said: “Why are you getting upset? They only cost £3 each.” Unfortunately, that was like putting petrol on a fire.

Words: Kate Copstick

Pete Firman: TriX Pleasance Courtyard, 3–28 August, 8pm

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